Best of N.A.H. September 2016

On the 1st of each month, I’ll share links to some of the best posts from my blog, Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian.

Here are selected notes from September 2016.

More Thoughts on Ubuntu

“In many ways, Ubuntu reminds me of the greatness that can be found in acknowledging our interconnectedness, and the challenges and responsibility that come with truly putting it into practice.”

Maya Angelou on Love, Black Pain, Submission, Survival

“The most painful thing about this piece to me is that, although she said that people paid for us already, many Black people today still need to wear a mask in order to navigate, survive, and ensure the progress of the next generation in this system of White Supremacy while at the same time, working to dismantle it.”

On Protest: A PSA

“Protest is not meant to be non-confrontational.”

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From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins-Jones, MSW, LLMSW

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