Leadershape Institute at GVSU

“The mission of Leadershape is to transform the world by increasing the number  of people who live with integrity and a health disregard for the impossible.”

I’m participating in the very first Leadershape Institute at GVSU as a cluster facilitator. In this role I  facilitate segments of the curriculum, and support program participants as they develop their vision and breakthrough blueprints for a better world.

In addition to emphasizing that leadership is not positional; that we can lead wherever we are, with whatever we have, the deep value and recognition that we are all teachers and learners; that we each have something to contribute, as well as something to gain is a common thread of this initiative that is also consistent with many of my values.

Although I am trained in intergroup dialogue facilitation, and have been teaching others the skills while learning from them too, I’m still making a conscious efforts to suspend expectations and trust the process. I’m definitely in a position of service, as well as a position of learning here, and I look forward to experiencing it all.

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the students and be a part of their journey as they discover for themselves how they can create change in the world.

I may share some of my reflections or lessons learned here or at Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian.


From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins-Jones, MSW, LLMSW

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