Letter Writing Season

I've been writing letters of recommendation for former students recently. Some of these folks are heading to graduate school, others are applying for jobs, fellowships, or some other important next move in their lives. At any rate, I'm glad to do it.  None of us "gets there" by ourselves. Rather, we achieve greatness through the collective… Continue reading Letter Writing Season

Best of N.A.H. February 2017

On the 1st of each month, I share links to some of the best posts from my blog, Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian. Here are selected notes from February 2017. For When Imposter Syndrome Creeps In "When that imposter syndrome kicks in, it’s okay to acknowledge it to yourself, and to trusted folks whom you are… Continue reading Best of N.A.H. February 2017

I Had Questions

So I shared this photo on Facebook the other day, because I have consistently had legitimate questions about Umar Johnson's credentials. A colleague of mine, a fellow man of color rightfully questioned my motivations for seeking out this information, warning that too much focus on credentials can play into respectability politics, particularly as predominantly white… Continue reading I Had Questions