@Relando_T Mentioned in Best in #SocialWork: 101 Twitter Accounts to Follow

I received an email this afternoon from Carol from mswonlineprograms.org to inform me that my personal twitter handle had been included in a list of 101 twitter accounts to follow for Social Work students or potential students interested in Social Work.

“This list is meant as a way for our readership of students and potential students in Social Work to get more involved in the online conversation about social work, and find useful information about their chosen career path. We think the info you post on Twitter will be an excellent resource for our readers.”

To follow or start conversations on twitter about Social Work, just use the#socialwork hashtag.  If you’re interested in learning about others who were also featured in the list, just follow the link below.

Full List: Best in #SocialWork: 101 Twitter Accounts To Follow


Originally posted on Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian.


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