Social Workers for Social Justice: Interview with Relando Thompkins

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Deona Hooper, founder of in which I gave a small glimpse into my “origin story” with Social Work, and my motivations behind creating Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian.

Here’s an excerpt from the intro:

“What is Social Justice, and why is it needed? Social Justice is a term used by practitioners who seek equality and solidarity for creating a just society. In today’s current economical and political climate, many people will argue that more injustices permeate throughout society more than ever. With for profit prisons, cuts to education, income disparity, marriage inequality, more people are needed to bring awareness to these issues. I had the pleasure to do a Q&A Interview with Relando Thompkins, MSW who is a dedicated blogger and activist on social justice issues.”

Read the full interview, share it with others, and let me know what you think.


Originally posted at Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian.


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