Sociology Degree Programs Interviews Relando Thompkins

I was recently contacted by freelance writer Tricia A Mitchell to complete an interview for, a website that provides insight, and advice to people who are interested in a social work career. After the interview was over, Tricia reached out to me to say:

“You’re a great role model to those new to the field. Having travelled to parts of the world where there has been much oppression against different cultures/ethnic groups (South Africa, the Balkans, Cambodia), I really respect the important work you’re doing back home.”

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Sociology Degree Programs has also interviewed two of my other colleagues:  Rachel L. West, writer of The Political Social Worker and Martha M. Crawford, writer of What a Shrink Thinks.

Thanks Tricia and Sociology Degree Programs for inviting me to share my thoughts with others.

Originally posted at Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian.


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