Wedding Officiant

Since August 2014, I have been ordained through the Universal Life Church to officiate weddings, births, and memorial services in the state of Michigan (among others).

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Applying for your marriage license

While I am more closely able to serve residents of those three counties, I am open to residents of other counties as well. If you’re a resident of another county, please check with your county about the details of securing your marriage license.

Services provided may include:

  • Meeting any number of times with the couple before the wedding
  • Helping determine the ceremony order
  • Writing the ceremony script
  • Assisting in selecting readings/poems/music for the ceremony
  • Leading a ceremony rehearsal
  • Opening the celebratory dinner
  • Developing a theme

Having a strong focus on equity, inclusion, and social justice I have a specific interest in officiating weddings for individuals with marginalized identities and/or from socially and historically marginalized communities.

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