Best of N.A.H. June 2016

On the 1st of each month, I’ll share links to some of the best posts from my blog, Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian. Here are selected notes from June 2016.

On Telling Black People Apart

“Blackness has already been criminalized to the point where the list of everyday things you could be killed for while Black continues to grow. How many Black people have been killed, hurt, or falsely imprisoned because someone who was white did not take the extra moment to pay attention?

From the evidence that speaks to implicit bias, to criminal descriptions that could be basically any of us, Black lives can be at stake when people who are white fail to take the extra moment and pay attention.”

Colorblindness Won’t End Racism

“I don’t see color.” “I treat everyone equally. I don’t care if you’re Black, White, Purple, or Blue!” “Race is socially constructed. It’s fake so if we just stop talking about it we can end this madness.” 

I encounter sentiments like these often in my teaching, anti-racist practice, and personal life.”

When Diversity Means Everything, Diversity Means Nothing: Dr. Donnetrice Allison On Diversity And Exclusion

“I really want to share this powerful message from Dr. Donnetrice Allison in which she speaks on the need to connect the rhetoric of diversity and inclusion to action and change on college campuses and beyond.”

Perception Is A Powerful Thing

“I’ve never been a fan of spiders. Partly because of the way they look, definitely because of the way they move, and certainly because of my own uncertainties about which ones are poisonous.

I know they serve an important purpose for the environment, so I’m ok with respecting them from a distance…”

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From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins-Jones, MSW, LLMSW

Relando Thompkins-Jones

I'm a Social Justice Educator and Aspiring Humanitarian who is interested in conflict resolution, improving intergroup relations, and building more equitable and inclusive communities. "Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian" is my blog, where I write about issues of diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice. By exploring social identities through written word, film & video, and other forms of media, I hope to continue to expand and enrich conversations about social issues that face our society, and to find ways to take social action while encouraging others to do so as well in their own ways.

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